Competitors from the community prepare for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival Corn Stalk Shoot.

Although only 65 square miles of Seminole County fall within the MCN jurisdictional boundaries, Seminole County residents still benefit from MCN activities, particularly in Cromwell where a new community center was built. The facility is an important gathering place and source of revenue for the community.

Cromwell is one of 25 Chartered Indian Communities. The communities are recognized by the Office of the Principal Chief under the authority of the MCN Constitution. Once chartered, the MCN will make Community Maintenance and Development Funds available annually to each Community. These funds can be used for economic development and social service programs for community members.

Seminole County

Impact Type Employment Payroll Value-Added Output
Direct Effect $1,281,286 $1,180,021
Multiplier Effect 18 $378,193 $2,040,584 $1,439,554
Total Effect 18 $1,659,479 $2,040,584 $2,619,574