Principal Chief James Floyd greets several students and teachers to celebrate new buses that were purchased by the Nation.

Wagoner County benefits directly from MCN government operations. Not only can you find a health clinic near Coweta, but many Wagoner County schools benefit from the MCN’s educational programs.

We place a high priority on education, and if you walk into a school in Wagoner County you will likely find us there. The MCN Department of Education & Training provides oversight to a comprehensive list of programs and services that focus on providing quality educational opportunities for Creek citizens from early childhood through college. The MCN’s Johnson O’Malley Program (JOM) is one such program. The award winning program, which provides academic support, teacher support and educational support items, provides funding to 45 school districts and had a 2017 all-tribes student count of nearly 18,000.

Wagoner County

Impact Type Employment Payroll Value-Added Output
Direct Effect 71 $7,346,058 $2,865,782
Multiplier Effect 68 $4,077,540 $5,043,157 $3,494,893
Total Effect 139 $11,423,598 $5,043,157 $6,360,675